A Las Vegas Casino Party
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A Casino Fundraiser can be a great way to raise funds if done correctly.
Below are a few tips to help ensure that you make the most money you can
from the Casino Night.

1. Try to get all the tables sponsored.
You can have three levels of sponsorship, for instance Bronze, Silver
and Gold. If the table and dealer cost $200, you could make a Bronze
Sponsorship be $300, a Silver Sponsorship be $400 and a Gold
Sponsorship be $500. The Bronze Sponsor may only get their name
posted on the gaming table while the Gold Sponsor will get their name
announced several times throughout the evening as well as a poster or
banner. The Silver Sponsor can be somewhere in-between. Or something
to that effect.

2. Do not give out any free chips.
Usually people who get free chips will play with what they got and no
more. If you want to give out something, give 'match play' vouchers
which have no value on their own. One must purchase chips then the
'match play' can be used to double their bet.

3. Do not serve a sit-down meal while the casino is open.
People will always eat instead of going to the gaming tables. The
Casino can't compete with food. If a mean is going to be served, have
it done a good hour before you open the tables. This way everyone
would have had a chance to eat and would be ready to play.

4. Sell donation certificates which the guest can take to the dealers to
cash in for chips.
Donation certificates can go something like this:
Give $20 get $25 in chips
Give $50 get $100 in chips
Give $100 get $300 in chips
The more they give the more they get....

5. Have some nice prizes sponsored and displayed so that the guests can see
what they are playing for.
People will tend to put up more money if they have a chance to win a
prize they desire.
Follow these golden rules and your Fundraiser Casino Event will sure to be a

For Texas Hold-em you could have one or two mini tournaments. Players buy
in for say $50 and get $1,500 in poker chips. Top winner at the table gets a
great prize. The table seats 10, so the take would be $500 per tournament.
We can squeeze two tournaments into one night or we can drag out one
tournament and make additional money by having re-buys. That’s when someone
looses all their chips and they are allowed to get back into the game by
purchasing more with an additional donation. This can be finalized the
night of the event based on the participation level.

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